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Overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant 5 Simple Tips To Lose Weight During Pregnancy: If you want to manage your weight while corporal.fun's what you need to do to manage your weight during pregnancy. How To Lose Body Fat During Pregnancy. How To Get Fit After Baby. 5 Simple Tips To Lose Weight During Pregnancy: If you want to manage your during pregnancy but can avoid excess weight gain, if you are overweight or. Pregnancy isn't a time to follow a weight-loss diet, but there are specific steps you can take to How to lose body fat while pregnant pinning for the future. 5 Simple Tips To Lose Weight During Pregnancy: If you want to manage your weight. ejemplos de comidas diarias saludables Close up photo of pregnant woman. Listen to this article. Your browser does not support the audio tag. In the UK, more than half of all women of reproductive age and almost a third of pregnant women are overweight or obese. This is particularly concerning, as being overweight or obese during overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant increases the risk of complications in the mother, such as gestational diabetes, and predisposes both her and her infant to develop metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes in the years after pregnancy. Exercise is known to improve how the body manages blood sugar levels and thereby reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome in non-pregnant women. It also has positive effects prior to and during pregnancy, with beneficial outcomes for both mother and her child, preventing excessive gestational weight gain and the development of gestational diabetes, and the need for insulin use in women who have already developed gestational diabetes. However, little overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant known about the changes that exercise causes to the tissues of obese pregnant mothers. The lifestyle a person shares with their partner has a greater influence on their chances of becoming obese than their upbringing, research suggests. By middle age, choices made by couples -- including those linked to diet and exercise -- have a much greater impact than the lifestyle each shared with siblings and parents growing up. Although by middle age siblings have a shared risk of being obese, this is mostly attributable to their shared genetic inheritance rather than any habits instilled during their shared upbringing. Researchers say the study will help scientists better understand links between obesity, genetics and lifestyle habits. Its findings reinforce the message that lifestyle changes in adulthood can have a significant impact in tackling obesity, regardless of a person's genetic profile. The team analyszed data provided by 20, people from Scottish families. They compared people's family genetics and home environments in childhood and adulthood and related these to measures linked to health and obesity. una semana siendo vegetariano. Ejercicios contra celulitis gluteos manchas rojas en el glande con picor. Jugos naturales para bajar de peso y quemar grasa. remedios naturales para los piojos en el cuerpo. gargaras para anginas con placas. comprar leche de magnesia phillips. excelente rutina elena!!!:). ¡Esta receta está del diez para hacer en cantidad, dejar ya todo listo y en la nevera dentro de film transparente en un tupper, para hacerlas según uno quiera!. Un poquitin de nuez moscada hubiera resultado tambien interesante, la felicito. Wow solo diré algo : Pésimo !. estoy acostada en mi cama viendo el video y no hago los ejercicios. solo ver el video medio hambre.

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I'm overweight and trying to get pregnant. Any sugesstions on how I can lose weight to be able to handle a pregnancy??? Everyone will say sign up for this or that. Like it is supposed to motivate you to lose weight but for alot of people it is not true. Me for example. I am TTC and trying to lose weight. Its harder this time around because I don't work during the summer months. According to new research by the University overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant Chicago, most women will not lose the baby weightespecially if she started out overweight before conceiving. The better shape the mom-to-be was pre-conception, the better chance she has of bouncing back to her pre-pregnancy weight. I have one overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant to say to this research: DUH! Sure, celeb moms may make it look easy because they have nannies, chefs, trainers and can afford to have their jaw weird shut if absolutely necessary. Most of us don't have that luxury. We also don't have weight loss programs begging us to be their spokesperson as they provide all the food and personal training we need, free of charge. Losing all that baby weight is not easy, especially for the average mom, even if you did start off thin. Of course it helps if you weren't overweight to begin with. la jalea real es buena para la piel. Esta es la dieta para adelgazar 10 kilos sin pasar hambre puedo comer huevo hervido si tengo diarrea. herramientas de bateria makita. pedra hume como usar. para que sirven las alcachofas en pastillas. residencias personas mayores barcelona.

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Now is Endocrinología, Diabetes overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant Nutrición English ed. It is the best journal to keep up to date with endocrine pathophysiology both in the clinical and in the research field. It publishes the best original articles of large research institutions, as well as prestigious reviews. The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two receding years. SRJ is a prestige metric based on the overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant that not all citations are the same. SJR uses a similar algorithm as the Google page rank; it provides a quantitative and qualitative measure of the journal's impact. SNIP measures contextual citation impact by wighting citations based on the total number of citations in a subject field. To prepare this document, and in order to achieve the maximum evidence level possible, a systematic review was made of all medical literature published between January 1, and Adelgazar 10 kilos 31, 15 years. The obtained findings were cataloged by evidence level following the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network system, and recommendations were produced based on data collected. Muchas gracias sra nita lo voy hacer se ve muy rico un gran abrazo..👏👏👏 AN obese mum has got revenge on her bullying ex by losing 10 stone and finding love. Upset Alvina would then comfort eat a whopping 5, calories, including two fast food meals, two bowls of sugary cereal and snacks, every day to cope with is cruel comments. However, in , the mum from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, USA, decided to ditch her unhealthy relationship with food - and her partner. Alvina, a full-time mum of two and v-logger, said: "I remember my ex telling me that if I left him 'no one would want me' and that I was 'worthless, ugly and would never lose the weight even if I tried'. At her heaviest Alvina's unhealthy lifestyle, brought about through depression from her ex's treatment, left her with a BMI of She would often get out of breath walking and struggled to fit into women's clothing - forcing her to wear men's clothes. Alvina added: "I almost never let my stomach feel hungry, I ate until I was stuffed, the only time I felt comfort was when my stomach was very full. She says that the diet has even helped to reverse a list of her health problems that were linked to obesity. orina amarilla oscura en el embarazo. No lugar do óleo posso usar azeite? Frases de superacion personal y amor Laxantes para adelgazar rapido caseros remedios. tomate para pelo graso.

overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant

Addressing the special needs of post-partum women, a diet and nutrition book introduces an effective weight-loss program designed to permanently "deactivate" the female fat cell, explains how to boost one's metabolism by strengthening muscles, and offers sensible advice on nutrition, exercise, and more. Debra Waterhouse, M. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area. Opiniones de clientes. Principales opiniones internacionales. Compra verificada. I lost 40 lbs of pregnancy weight in 3 months after my baby was born. I was nervous about my weight gain for this pregnancy why is everyone else just gaining 25 or 30? I'm the Adelgazar 20 kilos of person that gains overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant easily if I don't watch what I eat, and had never lost the extra weight I gained overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant dieting alone. I was very thankful for this book. First and foremost it gave me confidence about myself. It's OK to be fat after giving birth!!! It's such a simple common sense but when you're flying high on hormone and busy with a newborn, it's hard to see yourself in the mirror and still look 6 months pregnant.

Upset Alvina would then comfort eat a whopping 5, calories, including two fast food meals, two bowls of sugary cereal and snacks, every day to cope with is cruel comments. Overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant, inthe mum from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, USA, decided to ditch her unhealthy relationship with food - and her partner.

It certainly does not support theory 1. However our analyses must be interpreted with caution as we do not know how much of the reported walking was actually done with the dog.

overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant

In contrast to our findings, a previous US study showed that those who walked their dogs were more active, and had lower weight status, than those who had a dog but did not walk it [25] ; supporting theory 3.

Increased exercise has other potential beneficial health impacts besides just partes constitutivas de la sabila. The main reasons reported by pregnant women for not exercising are feeling unwell or tired, being too busy, or exercise being uncomfortable in late pregnancy [41] and low intensity exercise is perceived as safest and vigorous exercise unsafe [41].

Walking is a readily available, cheap, and recommended exercise activity for many pregnant women, and walking dogs may be underutilised considering the effect sizes seen in our study. Future research should confirm activity levels in dog owning and non-dog owning pregnant women in a more recent dataset, and using an objective measure such as accelerometry.

Studies of activity levels of pregnant women should include specific questions concerning dog walking and her relationship with the dog, such as those contained in the Dogs And Physical Overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant DAPA tool [42]so that health benefits of dog ownership can be better characterised.

In terms for policy and practice, one implication of this research might be to encourage dog ownership in pregnant overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant, but to do this without due consideration of the suitability of the situation for dog acquisition and welfare of the dog, would be both unethical and unrealistic.

More importantly, the potential intervention here is to encourage people who already own dogs to be more physically active with the dogs that they already have. The reasons why some owners, pregnant or not, do not walk their dogs regularly, is still unclear, and requires further research. Occupational and recreational activity is known to decline overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant pregnancy, in contrast to domestic activity levels, which remain similar [43]. Whether participation in dog walking also declines during pregnancy is not currently known, and may depend on whether it is considered a leisure pursuit or an essential component of general domestic activity.

This could be further elucidated in studies that compared activity levels and participation in dog walking, before, during and after pregnancy. It would also be useful to examine the influence of dog ownership and dog walking on weight gain during pregnancy. As in many health related issues where identifying causation is difficult, longitudinal study designs concerning pet ownership, obesity, and activity, may provide fresh insights.

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Randomised controlled trials testing encouragement of dog walking during pregnancy may also be feasible. In conclusion, pregnant women who owned dogs were more active through walking than those who did not own dogs, but effect sizes were not large, and this did not influence weight status.

These findings are similar to those from other overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant groups. Considering that physical activity in pregnant women has many health implications, including the problems that lead from obesity, and walking is considered a low risk exercise, participation of pregnant women in dog walking activities requires further examination.

overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant

We are extremely grateful to all the families who took part in this study, the midwives for their help in recruiting them, and the whole ALSPAC team, which includes interviewers, computer and laboratory technicians, clerical workers, research scientists, volunteers, managers, receptionists and nurses.

Analyzed the data: CW. Provided data: Overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant. Browse Subject Areas? Click through the PLOS taxonomy to find articles in your field.

Introduction Maternal obesity before and during pregnancy has adverse outcomes for both mother and child. Data collected ALSPAC has collected data from pregnancy onwards using postal questionnaires, hands-on clinic assessments, biological samples, linkage to routine information, abstraction from medical records and environmental monitoring.

Results Of the 14, singleton birth mothers in the ALSPAC initial sample, pet ownership data during gestation were reported for 13, Download: PPT. Government Printing Office, December. Publication History. Subscribe to our newsletter. Print Send to a friend Export reference Mendeley Statistics. Cardiovascular risk stratification in overweight or obese Gut microbiota and type 2 diabetes Impact of obesity on bone Instructions for overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant Submit an article Ethics in Adelgazar 10 kilos. Article options.

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Overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant

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Expert opinion. Studies rated as 1- and 2- should not be used in the process of developing recommendations due to their high possibility of bias. The use of foods with low energy density.

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Promoting the availability of and access to healthy food fruit and vegetables. Restricting the intake of fast food. Taking smaller portions. Increasing the dietary intake of fiber. Restricting the intake of sugar-containing drinks. Changes in GI or GL have no impact on long-term weight reduction. The proportion of protein overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant the diet has no impact on long-term weight reduction, but an intake higher than 1.

Fiber-enriched diets or fiber supplements contribute to lipid control in obese patients.

overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant

VLCDs should not be used outside the established indications. The use of VLCDs may be warranted before bariatric surgery in patients with liver steatosis and increased surgical risk. For women who had a normal weight before pregnancy, half still had 10 extra pounds to lose an entire year later and a quarter had 20 or more pounds to lose still. Proving once again that breastfeeding and chasing babies around the house trying to save them from danger is not a substitution for a workout program.

Extra weight ups your overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant of heart disease, diabetes and cancers, so obviously we should all try to get in better shape. Macroeconomy Business Your Money. Editorial Columnists.

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Login Username. Remember Me. Stay away from junk and exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Good luck. I would suggest the weight watcher program.

But as far as being over weight and trying to ttc it happens everyday. I know for me I am on my first cycle of clomid and hoping for the best I have no signs of pcos. So we are just figuring overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant on tests I only ovulate 4 times a year. Cómo bajar de peso: Dieta de 1200 calorias para hombre. Pet ownership and activity data were reported for 11, mothers.

Twenty-five Adelgazar 72 kilos of mothers owned at least one dog. There was a positive relationship between participation in activity at least once a week and dog ownership at 18 weeks, Odds ratio 1. Dog owners were also more likely to participate in brisk walking activity than those who did not have a dog compared to no brisk walking 2—6 hrs per week 1.

However, no association was found with any other types of activities and there was no overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant between dog ownership and weight status.

overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant

During the time period studied, pregnant women who had dogs were more active, through walking, than those who did not own dogs. As walking is a low-risk exercise, participation of pregnant women in dog walking activities may be a useful context to investigate as part of a broader strategy to improve activity levels in pregnant women. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant.

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The funding sources had no role in data collection and limited input to the analysis or interpretation of results from this study. Maternal obesity before and during pregnancy has adverse outcomes for both mother and child.

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There is evidence that women may be unaware of these effects and that weight management information and advice from overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant is not always received or assimilated [1]. This has led to recent direction for clinicians to advise pregnant women to manage their weight and exercise [2] and the development of new guidelines in the UK [3].

Pre-pregnancy BMI is a major determinant of pregnancy outcome, with maternal obesity associated linearly with higher risk of many complications [4].

overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant

High gestational weight gain by the mother Adelgazar 15 kilos pregnancy can be associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes and can lead to post-partum weight retention, which may have further repercussions for following pregnancies [4]. Weight status during pregnancy may also have implications for future obesity in the child; parental obesity pre-pregnancy has been shown to be a risk factor for rapid overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant gain from 3—5 years [5]and obesity at 7 years [6].

The most successful interventions to tackle maternal obesity would be to prevent the development of obesity before the reproductive years, but this is proving difficult given the upward trend in general obesity, including overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant girls [4]. Since obesity is caused by an imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure, lifestyle interventions including increased physical activity are popular treatment strategies in non-pregnant individuals.

However, in pregnant individuals dietary energy restriction may be more risky to the foetus than mild to moderate exercise [3].

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To overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant, no studies have reported overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant effects of exercise during pregnancy on the preterm births after 18 weeks of gestation and the preterm risks seem to be limited to high impact exercise [8]. Indeed, some studies of recreational physical activity during pregnancy have shown a reduced risk of pre-term birth, but this may partly be due to confounding with social circumstances that favour positive health behaviours and promote physical activity [9].

Exercise during pregnancy may reduce insulin resistance [10]thus potentially reducing foetus adiposity and birth weight, in particular in large for gestation-age infants [4]. The risk of gestational diabetes may also be reduced by physical activity prior to and during pregnancy [11]. Previous studies into companion animal ownership provide evidence that pets may confer both physiological and psychological health benefits [12][13][14][15][16].

Physical inactivity is one of the top 10 causes of death and disability in the developed world, due to its effects on conditions such as heart disease, cancers, diabetes, overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant, strokes and hypertension [17].

Some suggest that dog walking is also associated with decreased weight status [25]. However, studies from the UK are limited, and pet ownership specifically in relation to the health of pregnant women and their unborn children, has not been examined. This study aimed to examine whether pregnant women who owned dogs were more active, particularly through walking, than those pregnant women without pets.

The study also assessed whether pregnant women with dogs, were more or less likely to be obese than those without dogs. We hypothesized that those pregnant women who owned dogs would be more active, and have lower weight status. In brief, 14 pregnant women were recruited, all of whom were resident in Avon, UK, with expected dates of delivery 1st April to 31st December Of the initial 14, pregnancies, all but 69 had a known birth outcome.

Of these 14, pregnancies, were twin, three were triplet and one was a quadruplet pregnancy, meaning that there were 14, foetuses in the initial ALSPAC sample; 14, were live births and 13, were alive at 1 year. The twin, triplet and quadruplet children were omitted for this paper, so that the final available dataset comprised 14, pregnant mothers of singletons. ALSPAC has collected data from pregnancy onwards using postal questionnaires, hands-on clinic assessments, biological samples, linkage to routine information, abstraction from medical records and environmental monitoring.

Written informed consent was received from all participants. Maternal activity during pregnancy in this cohort has been described previously [27]. The mother was also asked to indicate the number of hours per week spent in such activity. Pre-pregnancy BMI of the mother calculated from self-reported height and weight, was used to estimate weight status during pregnancy as few women would La buena dieta expected to lose weight during pregnancy [28].

Pet ownership data have been previously reported [29]. Data on potential confounding variables were also collected. Socio-demographic factors, such as maternal younger age, not having children and higher levels of education, overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant known to be associated with higher levels of active living and exercise in women [30]. Similar factors are found to be associated with maternal activity during pregnancy and just prior to pregnancy [31][32]including in this dataset [27].

A number of factors are also known to be associated with owners of different pet types in this cohort, including age, social class, education, house type, presence of overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant, number of people in household and previous history of pet ownership, as previously described [29].

Thus, the factors: maternal overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant, maternal social class, mother worked during pregnancy, maternal age at delivery, number of people in household, previous living children, house type and whether the pregnant woman had pets as a child, were considered as confounding variables.

The cut-off point was overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant to approximate the recommended level of exercise at moderate intensity for 30 minutes or more a day for most days of the week [3]although the ALSPAC question includes vigorous physical activities. Two binary variables were created: normal compared to overweight or obese, and normal compared to obese. Chi-squared tests and binary or multinominal logistic regression analyses univariable and multivariable were used to compare owners and non-owners of different pet types in respect to outcomes of: participates in activity at least once per week compared to not ; equal to or greater than 3 hours of activity a week compared to less than 3 hours per week ; and hours of participation in numerous activity types never, less than one hour per week, 2—6 hours per week, more than 7 hours per week.

Analyses also compared owners and non-owners of different pet types in respect to overweight or obese compared to normal weight presented ; obese compared to normal weight presentedand obese compared to normal or overweight not presented but had very similar findings. Confounders were adjusted for in multivariable regression analyses.

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Participants with missing data for relevant variables were excluded from that analysis. Subgroup analyses were used to investigate the three-way relationships between dog ownership, brisk walking and obesity.

Of the 14, singleton birth mothers in the ALSPAC initial sample, pet ownership data during gestation were reported for 13, The study sample characteristics are described in Table 1 ; 11, reported on both pet ownership and activity during pregnancy and thus were available for analysis. During pregnancy, At 18 weeks, Engaging in any regular activity was positively associated with dog ownership only Table 2.

The association was not attenuated odds ratio 1. A Dietas rapidas association was found for the 32 weeks data not shown. Analysis of the hours of physical activity per week by dog ownership showed a similar relationship to above Table 2with those owning a dog being 1. Overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant was no evidence that owning multiple dogs, instead of a single dog, was associated with higher reported physical activity, before or after adjustment.

Brisk walking overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant the only activity type associated with dog ownership after adjustment for other factors.

Thus, we present here only the association between dog ownership and brisk walking. On univariable analysis, dog ownership was associated with maternal overweight or obese; however, after adjusting for confounding factors, the association did not remain Table 3. Dog ownership was also associated with maternal obesity but again no association remained after adjustment. On univariable analysis, there was a trend for increasing likelihood for pregnant women with multiple dogs to be overweight or obese compared to those with single dogs and no dogs, but there were no differences after adjustment.

Mothers who walked 2 or more hours per week were less likely to be obese than those who walked less than 2 hours a week after adjustment 0. The effect of walking on obesity risk was different overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant dog owners and non-dog owners: there was no evidence that walking for 2 or more hours a week compared to less than 2 hours per week was associated with a reduced odds of obesity in dog owners 0.

The effect of dog ownership on obesity risk was similar whether the mother walked 2 or more hours per week or less than 2 hours per week respectively, 1.

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The effect of dog ownership on walking was different in normal weight or overweight mothers compared to obese mothers: in obese mothers there was only weak evidence of an association between dog ownership and walking 2 or more hours per week 1. However, these differences overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant be due to the smaller sample size of obese mothers meaning decreased power to detect an association. Those who lived with rabbits were also more likely to achieve 3 hours of activity per week after adjustment 1.

However, rabbit ownership did not appear to be associated with any particular activity type data not shown. On univariable analysis, pet ownership was associated with maternal overweight or obese for cat, rabbit bird or other pet.

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This is the first study to examine the association between pet ownership and physical activity or weight status in pregnant women, albeit using a dataset collected 20 years ago. Dog ownership was associated with an increased 1.

Dog owners showed increased levels of brisk walking, but not other types of activity, thus the specificity of the finding overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant it more likely that the association is causal. Overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant addition, the trend of increasing likelihood of dog ownership with higher levels of activity and more hours of brisk walking per Dieta para ciclo de volumen also suggests a real effect of owning a dog.

Surprisingly, dog ownership appeared at first to be associated with obesity, but this was due to confounding by sociodemographic factors related to both dog ownership and risk factors for obesity. Thus, certain family types are more likely to own dogs, and also tend to be overweight or obese prospective mothers, similar to findings for childhood obesity in the same cohort [33].

We conducted sensitivity analyses in the form of testing the effects of ownership of other pet types. There was some evidence to suggest that rabbit ownership was also associated with increased activity. However, rabbit owners did not show increases in any particular activity type, suggesting that this apparent association may be due to an unmeasured confounding variable or a chance finding due to multiple testing.

In addition, there was some suggestion that bird ownership was associated with overweight, but not obese women; however, this requires confirmation in other studies because the association was not pre-specified and may, therefore, be a chance finding.

We conclude that our findings of associations between overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant ownership and walking are specific, supporting the idea that the association may be causal.

The findings from this study are representative of overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant one population of pregnant women in the UK, in the early s when obesity prevalence was lower, and thus Adelgazar 10 kilos not be generalisable to other geographical areas or time periods. Health advice given to pregnant women now may be different from that given twenty years ago, demonstrated by the update to the American Institute of Medicine guidelines on weight management in pregnancy originally published in [34].

It is possible that twenty years ago, women were advised, either by health professionals or by friends and family, to partake in less physical activity. However, besides a slight under-representation of ethnic minority groups, the baseline ALSPAC cohort was broadly representative of the UK population at the time [26] and provides new original information relating to the activity of pregnant women in relation to dog ownership, of which the prevalence has remained approximately the same [35].

Both the outcome measures parental weight and height, maternal activity and the predictor variables of interest pet ownership were self-reported. However, self-reported weight and height are generally thought to be reliable in younger adults [36] and, even if BMI was underreported, this would likely lead to under- rather than overestimation of effect sizes [5].

Self-reported physical activity is instead more likely to have been over-reported. It is unlikely that pet ownership was under- or over-reported, since not only is it difficult to see a meaningful reason not to report this accurately, but the likelihood of recall bias was low because the data were collected at the time rather than retrospectively.

Nonetheless, given that some of the findings were based on small numbers and multiple testing, these findings should be viewed as preliminary and require further investigation. It is possible that dog walkers are more likely to recall walking because this is an activity specifically focused around dogs and walking, in contrast to walking for other reasons e.

Even if dog owners are explicitly more active, the direction of the relationship cannot be determined here due to the cross-sectional nature; it may be that more active people who enjoy walking are more likely to acquire dogs, rather than dogs making people more active per se. Associations between increased physical activity of adults and pet ownership, usually dogs, have been reported in a number of other studies [18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25]. Associations between pet ownership and, increased BMI have been previously reported [37][38].

However, the strength of our study is that we controlled for a number of other socioeconomic and demographic potential confounders overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant to be related both to health behaviours and ownership of different pet types. We also analysed these data by individual pet type, showing that these potential overweight and trying to lose weight while pregnant are specific and likely due to the ownership of dogs.

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